Douthat proposed fascist takeover of Hollywood, universities and government.

Douthat proposed fascist takeover of Hollywood, universities and government.Douthat tries to sell himself as a moderate R, and he’s somewhat successful at it, because {a} liberals like the illusion of moderate Repubs and {B} there are no moderates left, so we accept the cleverly HIDDEN extremist as moderate. Douthat is actually  rather extreme. His latest column is just whiny conservatism as usual.

He first whines that conservatives are underrepresented in what he calls the “managerial class” aka the “liberal elites”. Which he conveniently limits to lawyers, government officials, Hollywood and of course the old conservative foe, college professors! Take heed that he conspicuously avoids mentioning the overrepresentation of conservatives in business, the military and religion …. in other words: where the true power lies.

Then he applies a flawed analysis on what went wrong, because he mistakenly clings bitterly to the big fat lie that Bush told us about the missing WMD. He keeps thinking, completely bizarrely, that if ONLY those weapons were found, the base wouldn’t have turned on the GOPe, while the hillbillies don’t care about that and hardly even know about that. They rose up because they lost jobs, but more importantly, because they lost the power to tell minorities and women what to do. They weren’t really effected by the Iraq war, so they didn’t give a crap about that. Trump was the biggest racist, so they follow him.

And it’s really a failure of the conservative elites that the masses were so keen to believe Trump, because THEY WERE TOLD by Republicans that Trump did speak, “however crudely, to their more immediate anxieties” These anxieties were planted and fostered carefully by ALL Republicans and the Gop elites too.

Then there is some blah blah about how much worse right wing fascism now, as opposed during Reagan, when Reagan is clearly the father of Reichwing fascism with his Southern strategy.

Then, Douthat comes to the most delusional part of his dribble:

He thinks the BIGGEST GOPe mistake is the “failure to translate the power accrued through their alliance with populists into a revolution within the managerial class” ….???     In other words, the big mistake is that the GOPe didn’t use the fascist hordes as a tool to bludgeon the largely liberal universities, Hollywood, government officials into become social conservatives. That is ….. quite monstrous.

He then thinks that because Bush was so incompetent, social conservatism didn’t take hold in this ‘managerial class’, not because social conservatism is in itself a bad and thoroughly un-constitutional notion.

In it’s essence, social conservatism is a celebration of white male domination, at the expense of all other groups. Their confusion is that they can’t understand that women, minorities and LBGT do NOT share  their values of homophobia, anti-LBGTQ-ism (displayed in the resistance against SSM), anti-abortionism (which is War on Women) and their racist fascism.

This is why they lose national elections, and won’t ever win one again.





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