Dismal state of Wapo Both Siderism


Eeer, yet another self serving piece of crap journalism by Chrisseee!
Everywhere where you wrote politicians you should’ve written Republicans, because reasons.
Your utter unwillingness to make a distinction between the basically functioning Democrats and the entirely dysfunctional Republicans is what creates all this crap.
You are the MOST vicious Both-Siderist of the WaPo, you get totally excited about the tiniest inconsistencies Clinton says (“we know now that Clinton LIED about the emails “) but doesn’t give a hoot about Trump saying one thing now and the opposite 5 minutes later. Or even in the same sentence.
Look at the WaPo interview with Trump where they chose NOT to go after him on his big flip flops on the substance but talked extensively about superficial stuff like about his penis size.

A typical interview with Trump goes like this:
Journalist: “Yesterday you said you were against the minimum wage, now you are for it”
Trump: “yes, the minWage is very low, it should be higher – gobble de gook nonsense in order to confuse the both the journalist and the issue –  so yes I am against a minimum wage but for it at the same time”
Journalist: “…..”???
Trump: “Glad you see my point!”



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