On Japan

I was reading Should We Be Turning Japanese? My comments on that are this:

While there are some mistakes in this article, due to it’s rightwing slant, the comments are far, FAR worse, due to their typical KKKonservative, RepubliKKKan ignorant arrogance.

The mistakes in the article are that:
[1] it paints too rosy a picture of the West.
[2] it uses a strawman argument, to distorts openness into “let everybody come, no questions asked”

1: Japan is a male dominated society??? ORLY??? Have you tried running for president as a woman in the West? and especially America? Of course that’s not the most determining factor of how male dominated a society is, but men control 85% of all wealth, 60% income, but 75% of all toplevel managerial positions in army, business and goverment and 99% of those in religion.
Let’s, once and for all, dispell with the notion that women in the West are equal to men. We may have equal rights, but despite trying, there are no equal outcomes.

We can’t copy Japan, because basic nature of both societies are very different. Americans first outlook is tribal, this means in practice that whites (and/or the rich) have been bending the law so that blacks (and/or the poor) would not get ahead. This is sold as “FREEDOM” which means in practice that the rich have the freedom to do whatever they want. Think back to the 1930s-1960s expression: “I am free, over 21 and WHITE” meaning that everyone like that could do whatever they want. Others were NOT FREE like that.
Japan by contrast, is for historic reasons, geared towards solidarity, which Americans juveniley mock as groupthink, but which they rampantly practice in their “hailed” red states, like Utah. Utah is the Western society that resembles the Soviet Union the most closely, including Cuba.

2: Of course we can’t emulate ALL of Japan but parts of it, SURE! No-one on the left is saying that we should open the borders, that is just the rightwing smear by both the WSJ and Fox. Canada has stringent conditions towards its immigrants. That’s legitimate.

But the suggestion here is that “openness” (whatever that maybe) is a major cause for problems in the West, which is ridiculous. The West is heavily complicit to the instability in the Middle East. It propped up dictators and thwarted democracy.
But for many in the West, the war only begins if the other persons FIGHT BACK. (likewise, Repubs only begin screeching “Class warfare” when the poor start to demand a better deal. Whatever the rich do to the poor, is NEVER war. Warren Buffett said about this: there was a class war and my class has won it decisively. I digress)


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