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On Japan

April 13, 2016

I was reading Should We Be Turning Japanese? My comments on that are this:

While there are some mistakes in this article, due to it’s rightwing slant, the comments are far, FAR worse, due to their typical KKKonservative, RepubliKKKan ignorant arrogance.

The mistakes in the article are that:
[1] it paints too rosy a picture of the West.
[2] it uses a strawman argument, to distorts openness into “let everybody come, no questions asked”

1: Japan is a male dominated society??? ORLY??? Have you tried running for president as a woman in the West? and especially America? Of course that’s not the most determining factor of how male dominated a society is, but men control 85% of all wealth, 60% income, but 75% of all toplevel managerial positions in army, business and goverment and 99% of those in religion.
Let’s, once and for all, dispell with the notion that women in the West are equal to men. We may have equal rights, but despite trying, there are no equal outcomes.

We can’t copy Japan, because basic nature of both societies are very different. Americans first outlook is tribal, this means in practice that whites (and/or the rich) have been bending the law so that blacks (and/or the poor) would not get ahead. This is sold as “FREEDOM” which means in practice that the rich have the freedom to do whatever they want. Think back to the 1930s-1960s expression: “I am free, over 21 and WHITE” meaning that everyone like that could do whatever they want. Others were NOT FREE like that.
Japan by contrast, is for historic reasons, geared towards solidarity, which Americans juveniley mock as groupthink, but which they rampantly practice in their “hailed” red states, like Utah. Utah is the Western society that resembles the Soviet Union the most closely, including Cuba.

2: Of course we can’t emulate ALL of Japan but parts of it, SURE! No-one on the left is saying that we should open the borders, that is just the rightwing smear by both the WSJ and Fox. Canada has stringent conditions towards its immigrants. That’s legitimate.

But the suggestion here is that “openness” (whatever that maybe) is a major cause for problems in the West, which is ridiculous. The West is heavily complicit to the instability in the Middle East. It propped up dictators and thwarted democracy.
But for many in the West, the war only begins if the other persons FIGHT BACK. (likewise, Repubs only begin screeching “Class warfare” when the poor start to demand a better deal. Whatever the rich do to the poor, is NEVER war. Warren Buffett said about this: there was a class war and my class has won it decisively. I digress)


A treasure trove of Ye Olde Classic Conservative distortions of the Tax Question.

April 11, 2016

This article is a treasure trove of Ye Olde Classic Conservative distortions of the Tax Question. Williamsons starter question is, OF COURSE, NOT straight forward.

  How do we raise the revenue needed to meet government spending requirements in a way that is minimally disruptive to the productive economic activity that sustains public and private sectors alike?


Both spending requirements and minimally disruptive are not neutral things. Reps want SRs to be low and geared towards defense, Dems want them high for the poor and lower middle class and low for the rich and upper middle class. There’s no neutral, technocratic solution here. It’s value laden, fraught with subjective opinion


Likewise what constitutes minimally disruptive. To whom? For Reps,minimally disruptive towards the wealthy, for Dems minimally disruptive for the poor. Given how incredibly disruptive Reps are around Voter ID is a good indication.

Bottom line:

Everyone outside  Republicania thinks that Reps help the wealthy, not the middle class, and the poor are LOL to them.


All the fiscal plans of all the candidates running. Without exception, they are ALL lowering taxes for the rich and increasing them for the poor and middle class.

(Especially poor Rubio, who is so arithmetically challenged that he seems to think that doubling the amount of breadcrumbs a poor person gets is, while giving a wealthy person $80,000, means that is some sort of redistribution DOWNWARDS instead of upwards.)

That dog just won’t hunt.


No, Democrats do not Underestimate Cruz

April 6, 2016

Latest NRO drivel is bordering on the insane.

(This is my comment about an NRO article called: Democrats Underestimate Cruz at Their Own Risk)  .  Read that one first.

Why are fairy tales written? Because in reality, life sucks monkey bolls. Super heroes (Cruz) are invented, because in real life the villains win. This article is exactly the same. What is conveniently forgotten is that both Trump and Cruz are monster of their own party’s creation.

GOPe(stablishmentarian) Republicans always think that elections are about personalities, this is why they prop up their fake “hero“, “messianic” image of Obama: it’s not their flawed proposals that made Romney and McCain lose, but oh wow, Obama was just a freak of Natural Charisma??? Liberals everywhere are always scratches their heads when they see a characterization like because, for ONE thing, OBAMA STUTTERED LIKE A MANIAC IN 2008!!!. This became painfully clear when he’s seen next to his wife, who ACTUALLY IS a naturally gifted speaker. Obama is not that. Public of the cuff speaking is hard for him. Clinton is in some ways better at this, but by no means a natural. Rubio would have made minced meat out of her, because he IS TOO a very naturally gifted and likeable person. As long as you don’t listen to WHAT he says. Gays love him, he would take at least take 33% of the gay vote instead of the usual 25. That’s 500,000 votes. Romney lost by 37,000 in swing states. Don’t forget that conservatives only have to win FL, PA and OH to win by 271. They also win the WH if its 269-269


Cruz will have the good fortune to face a woman most Americans dislike.

Hillary will have the good fortune to face a man most Republicans hate.….. with a vengeance!!! The man lost EVANGELICALS to a lefty Republican like Trump, will they really stand behind him now? Why? What has Cruz ever done for them?


But the fatal flaw in this piece and the whole “true” conservative movement, is that they offer Americans this deal:

You give your tax dollars to billionaires and we will say that you belong with us, the good guys. And you can substitute “good guys” with anything you like, from patriots to Christians to High Moral People to Those People That will Make it Big Any Day Now


The Trump voters have woken up and rejected that deal. Until they get a better deal offered, they will stay home.